Tavurvur the flirt

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I was at Matupit Island to photograph a Kinavai and other ceremonial stuff this morning -- which put me just hundreds of meters from Tavurvur crater.

Amazingly, Matupit Island itself was not affected by the eruption two weeks ago, or not much -- the blast and dust largely went past across the isthmus that connects the island with Rabaul. The noise was gigantic, of course, and there was some finer dust and gasses blowback.

But I took a picture of the crater as it appeared from there:

14-09-18 P1190244 Tavurvur crater

Tavurvur's crater this morning; just a bit of steam and other gases floating around. But note how the eruption two weeks ago has left the crater sides strewn with rocks and blackened by the heat.

My intention had been to say: "Hello folks, everything is hunky dory now; Tavurvur has lost its puff for the time being".

However in the bus on the way home to Kokopo, I glanced out of the window and there was a nice little ash cloud puffing up! Nothing spectacular, no rocks or lava, no explosive sounds, just an ash and smoke cloud roiling up out of the crater, rising a couple of hundred meters, then drifting away on the breeze towards Rabaul town.

Typical! That would have made a lovely picture from Matupit Island, but Tavurvur was doing me no favors as usual.

Maybe I need to stop loving this volcano and work towards a more conventional relationship! :( ###

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