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Twisties for tambu!

14-11-02 P1200561 unthreading tambu
14-11-02 PB127728 wheel of tambu

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

My wife, Louisa, needs shell money, tambu, for a forthcoming commemoration of the death of the father of Ben, a cousin of about 20 who has been living with us during the week this year while he trains as a welder at a technical education place near us. …

The kids are playing "tin"

14-10-05 P1200098 Fumbled catch

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

The kids in our little bunch of houses are always coursing around giving tongue like a bunch of ferals, one minute here, one minute there, and suddenly, horror of horrors, they have disappeared from our ken.

Want a simple razor blade? Come to paradise!

14-09-23 P1190957 razor gillette1

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

Some years ago I asked at my local supermarket in Melbourne, Australia, whether they had the ordinary double-edged safety razor blade in stock.

"Oh no, nobody wants them so we don't carry them. …

A bit of custom - Belabelaguan or Gitvudu at Karavia


© Geoffrey Heard 2014


This is one of the most dramatic performances, ceremonies, call it what you like, that I have witnessed. The dancers have been fasting for up to two weeks as they rehearsed and prepared their costumes for this performance. …

Tavurvur the flirt

14-09-18 P1190244 Tavurvur crater

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

I was at Matupit Island to photograph a Kinavai and other ceremonial stuff this morning -- which put me just hundreds of meters from Tavurvur crater.

Amazingly, Matupit Island itself was not affected by the eruption two weeks ago, or not much -- the blast and dust largely went past across the isthmus that connects the island with Rabaul. …

'Do you dance?' he asked*

14-09-17 P1180623 Telek's point

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

I love to dance! Bizarre though it might seem for a 72 year old clapped out wreck, play almost any Tolai (or Islands generally) rock -- it's a kind of islands-rock-hiphop-reggae fusion -- and I am in for some freestyle dancing in the Islands manner for a minute, for an hour, or for half the night. …

I waited 51 years for Tavurvur to blow its top for me, and then I could not get out of bed to take its picture!!!

Tavurvur volcano belches lava. rocks, ash, ash and smoke P1170650

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

14-10-04 Cedric's volcano1 013

What I missed! Thanks to Cedric Choi for this picture he took in the pre-dawn darkness. Hey mate -- you know where I live (you own the house!); next time you're heading out to photograph an eruption, how about calling in and picking me up? Always assuming you can wake me up, of course. LOL!

I came to Rabaul as a pikinini journalist in October, 1963; just 21 years old, I thought I knew everything but I actually knew nothing. Despite that depth of ignorance I was AAP-Reuter's first full time correspondent* in Rabaul, charged with bringing this fascinating, complex place to the notice of the world.

A heart warming blast from the past

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

For years, I have been telling people the American Catholic Bishop of Bougainville back in the late 1960s summarized a bunch of priestly and nunly defections with the remark that if the Church ever agreed to a married priesthood, it would have started in Bougainville.

Mi straik ia!

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

Where "straik" = strike as in going on strike, stopping work.

As a failed linguist -- I began studies at the University of Papua new Guinea in 1975 but dropped linguistics when I switched to Latrobe Uni in Australia because all they offered there was warmed over Spanish as the language of investigation while I had been accustomed to the excitement of doing PhD level original research in the beginners' classes at UPNG -- I still like to keep an eye on language stuff happening around me, particularly in

Happy Easter 2014. Did the earth move for you?

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

The earth moved for us on Easter Saturday night here in paradise. In this land of breathtaking scenery and volcanoes, gurias (earthquakes) are commonplace. This was quite a significant earthquake -- enough to send many residents fleeing from their homes to open space.

Telling a story

© Geoffrey Heard 2014

Here in paradise, we live life at a people level, a largely local level, a family and small community level. We live in, right inside, a real world, a world full of real people whom we know intimately. …

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