Tavurvur volcano belches. Ho hum! But then came the canoe…

P9115870 Tavurvur and canoe

While I find the smoking and occasionally burping or belching Tavurvur volcano near Rabaul to be endlessly fascinating, it is "business as usual" for this fisherman in his canoe at Takubar beach. In fact, we know each other by sight; he always fishes not far from here and I often photograph the volcano from this spot. On this day, he waved, pointed one way and then the other, then paddled slowly across the field of view in the direction I indicated as I took pictures. When I put the camera down, he gave me a thumbs up and a wave, and stepped up his rhythm to paddle home. What a lovely man! May his fishing always be successful and his family enjoy the bounty of the sea! P9115870

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