Queen Elizabeth passes Tavurvur as she departs Rabaul

P1110840 Kwin n Tavurvur

One of the most spectacular ships in the world passes Tavurvur volcano as she steams out of one of the most spectacular harbors in the world. Tarvurvur, one of he twin volcanoes which guard Rabaul harbor's entrance, puffs a modest farewell. Tavurvur's welcome in the dawn was much more dramatic with a burst of black smoke and dust which had passengers' cameras snapping and left some visitors wondering whether it was safe to go ashore! In fact, a closely observed volcano like Tavurvur is very predictable with lots of warning before any serious eruption. The 1994 eruption of Tavurvur and Vulcan on the opposite side of the harbor entrance devastated the town, but early warning meant not a life was lost. P1110840

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