Accommodation - from budget guest house to tropical luxury

Rabaul and Kokopo and the Gazelle Peninsula in the New Guinea Islands offer a range of accommodation to suit every tourist's or business traveler's taste and pocket, from downright cheap backpacker style rooms, to budget guest houses and motel style places, and tropical luxury hotels and resorts.

Some popular choices:

P1790580 Lodge n people 4 rab

No.1 Lodge -- Call to book: +675 982 5279 or Digicel 7272 4758 / 7075 0781 -- is the leading motel in Kokopo, offering with 22 rooms. Rooms are fully air conditioned double or twin (two single) bed rooms with private en suite bathrooms (and hot water, not common in the Kokopo!) at the excellent price of K240/night. No.1 Lodge offers in-house breakfast and dinner in its dining room or through room service. Situated in quiet Kaivovo Street, it is near to everything including the Vavagil bar (see below). Guests can book the company's own taxis or hire cars (No.1 Hire Cars) through reception.

The Vavagil’s Bar’n’Grill presents a brightly lit welcome to visitors in the tropical night.

Vavagil Guest house and Bar'n'Grill -- Call now to book: +675 982 8833 (Guest house) or 982 9417 (nambis) -- offers comfortable, air conditioned motel and guest house style accommodation at a budget price of between K180 and K220/night in the center of Kokopo. It has motel style double rooms at its nambis (beach) location with views of St George's Channel and the islands from the bar, and a variety of rooms, both self-contained and with shared facilities, at the guest house just up the road.

The bar is a popular night spot in Kokopo/Rabaul with patrons (of all ages!) rocking on to 2-3am nightly!

Kokopo Lodge is set in gardens and trees thin Gazelle Heights behind Rabaul and Kokopo.

Kokopo Lodge -- Call to book: +675 7270 9261 -- offers comfort at a budget price in the Gazelle Heights at Ngatur Village 20 minutes outside Kokopo. It is a true guest house run by a local family, offering bed and breakfast for only K120-K140 per night. Rooms are either single or double, air conditioned or fan cooled, with shared facilities. The location about 150 meters above sea level shaded from the afternoon sun means visitors enjoy a most livable environment. Kokopo Tours is owned and run by the same family.

13-11-29 PB278002 Kokopo Inn

Kokopo Backpackers Inn -- Call now to book : +675 7041 4892 -- is a guest house offering backpacker beds at a super budget backpacker price of K60/night in share rooms with four bunks. Single and double rooms with shared facilities, and single rooms with en suite bathroom and toilet, start from K100/night. Onsite facilities include a bar, kitchen, and hire cars. Kokopo Backpackers Inn is readily accessible in the Kokopo suburb of Takubar.

The Kadat Guest Haus fronts on to the Esplanade at Kokopo.

Kadat Esplanade Guest Haus -- Call to book: +675 982 5556 -- is situated above the boat harbor in the center of Kokopo. Kadat offers air conditioned comfort and hot showers from an affordable K160/night through K240/night to the Executive Family room at $340/night. Entry is through the bar which looks out over St George's Channel and is open from 8am-11pm.

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