Welcome to Rabaul & Kokopo

Lovely, friendly Rabaul and Kokopo in the New Guinea Islands make you feel as though you are a world away from your usual life. And you are.

As a tourist or business traveler, you will be surprised how quickly and easily you can escape to this tropical island paradise, how economical traveling to the New Guinea Islands can be, the wide range of accommodation available, and the amazing variety of attractions the area offers.

We'll be happy to help you knock yourself out checking out the volcanoes, reefs, fishing, treks, culture, singsings, war history, wonders of flora and fauna, and more. Or to just get away from it all and recharge your batteries with tropical indolence!

Now here is Alice with the welcome forecast:

TV weather girl Alice forecasts a warm welcome for visitors — a fine and sunny day with a pleasant cooling breeze; 31 degrees celsius maximum 24 degrees celsius minimum.

Too good to be true?

By no means; I'm Geoffrey Heard, General Manager of Bushtrack Enterprises Ltd and this is Rabaul — a place I have known and loved for half a century.

I lived here and loved it in the 1960s. I was a fool; I left. Now I've got wisdom -- I've come back; I live here again.

But enough philosophizing. Back to the beach!

I can swim every day -- so can you.

None of those nasty jellyfish that can turn a north Queensland holiday into agony…

…or horrible cold weather for half the year.

Come on! Dive into Rabaul and Kokopo in the fabled New Guinea Islands!

We would love to see you.

Youngsters gambol in the near shore water at Kokopo. Swimming is an all-year-round activity.

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